performance cabletray™


why wbt?

The collective expertise within WBT has created an offering that no other single company can match.

The differences between WBT’s products and the market are substantial and numerous. Whether you are an End User, Architect, IT Engineer or Contractor, the technical and installation merits of WBT’s solutions offer you unparalleled performance, coupled with savings in both labor and materials.


PreForm radius / tee / intersections / customs that save tremendous installation time and labor. No field cutting or configuration. Simply install as you would a straight section. UL Classified solution.

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We redesigned our overhead supports to pull double duty. Ceiling and Center Supports work as tray supports and Splice Point. No more butt splicing each section juncture. UL Classified.

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WBT pioneered the use of flame rated polymer liner within tray. We can provide bottom or bottom/side inserts, in black, white and yellow as standard colors. Beyond that, we can provide an almost infinite number of colors and designs as a special for any tray installation.

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UL Certified Painted Tray

No paint removal with WBT. Others you scrape paint off at each and every splice point. Its labor intensive, and exposes bare steel to the environment. WBT, no paint removal… just splice and go.

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Made in the U.S.A.

Tray sections made in the USA. Not some, not most, all of them. Other guys… not so much. Most supports made in the USA, yup again. Can we respond faster, yes, Do we use recycled content and domestic steel for potential LEED credits… but of course.


All our tray sections, round or shaped, custom lengths to 12’, come with a T-Weld edgewire. This insures safety for both the installer and the cabling from any sharp edges.

Custom Configurations

Need a custom or modified part for your particular installation? No problem. Our manufacturing capabilities allow WBT to provide custom parts and even tray configurations for your specific needs. Try getting that level of support and flexibility from your current supplier.

UL Certified

Ignore any marketing ‘noise’. WBT has the largest number of UL Classified sizes of tray. Check competitor’s 8” deep UL Classified trays. Only WBT offers this construction.

True Green Approach

Many companies today are marketing their products under a green banner. At WBT we have more than a story to tell.

We strive to use 100% recycled steel in the manufacturing of our tray sections. Our standard finish is a factory PreGalv finish. This avoids the post manufacturing chemicals used to the clean the tray and the metals then used to zinc plate the tray section or accessory. At WBT, our PreGalv is mechanically cleaned after the welding process to remove any soot or oils from the manufacturing process. The material is perfect for any indoor application, but much easier on the environment.

  • Strive to utilize 100% recycled steel content in the manufacturing of our products
  • Millcerts are available to document recycled content for possible LEED’s credits
  • No post production chemical plating (a huge environmental impact)
  • WBT utilizes Kraft packaging (no bleaching white). Packaging and strapping are recyclable
  • WBT’s catalog is printed on recycled paper with soy based inks
  • WBT plant operations and policies utilize solar and other minimal environmental impacts

If your specifications call for a post zinc plate, we also offer this within our standard expedited leadtimes.

Fastest Lead Times

We maintain inventory on most tray sizes and accessories, so standard inquiries can often be supported in hours, not weeks. Larger projects are supported in days versus competitor’s weeks.

Shaped Wire

WBT is the only company that can provide a tray system that can actually enhance performance and protect the cabling media, to ensure it can operate at the speed and bandwidth it was designed to.

Basket tray utilizing round crosswire is old technology. Round cables sitting on round supports offer little surface area supporting the wires. WBT shaped tray offers:

  • A Minimum of 400% Increase in Cabling Support
  • Up To 65% reduction in Cabling Pressure/Strain
  • 100% domestic Recycled Steel Content
  • 100% Domestic Manufactured Tray
  • No Premium over competitors ‘old round crosswire’ design

New Technologies

WBTransition:  Easily and professionally engineer tray vertical changes with no cutting or sharp points.

Flexible Divider:  You’re no longer chained to divider installation that moves 5 or 10 feet at a time, and only through straight runs. WBT’s Flexible Divider unrolls and install up to 250’ at a run, and oh yeah moves effortlessly through tray corners and bends.

Architectural Series

Many of today’s architects and engineers are incorporating painted tray as part of the design elements within a buildings interior. WBT is proud to introduce another industry first with our Architectural Series of painted tray. These unique finishes allow the client to add a design element to their cabletray.

  • Architectural Series are available in an almost unlimited variety of colors and textures.
  • Tray and support hardware can be matched in the same color.
  • Lead times, up charges and quantity commitments on the Architectural Series are minimal.

Please consult WBT for additional information or for a quote.

Immediate Answers

There’s no reason that questions simple to complex should take hours or days to get resolved. Working with WBT, we’ll get you answers in minutes, not hours or days. Calls to our support staff are handled by real people, not automated phone programs. We are here to offer levels of support that exceed your expectations.

WBT Project Partnership Team

WBT works with the user and contractor on projects providing free BOM creation and design assistance. We will work within your timelines to schedule and kit for specific installation timelines, or floor by floor bundles or phased releases.